Solution for your Binge Eating Lockdown Period

Everyone’s routine is disturbed while being at home for the lockdown period. The physical exercise is limited to strolling from room to kitchen and back to room. While binge-watching the favorite series on Netflix, people are nervous and worried about their weight.

In this severity, the shortage of food has impelled the people to give up their multi nutritious diet plans. Many of the diet foods aren’t available, this has hindered their diet rituals. Many other health issues are associated with weight gain;  blood-sugar level, PCOD problems, thyroid issues, and many more.

Here are some of the reasons for binge eating:

  • The rise in craving levels after staying on diet mode for a long time.
  • Anxiety issues.
  • To sway away from the boredom of the monotonous routine.
Source: Procon

Here are the expert tips to stop the habit of binge eating:

  1. Avoid overcooking: Try and cook the food in an adequate amount that is enough for you and your family.
  2. Chew slower: Chewing at a faster rate, makes us consume more food. Take small bites and chew them slowly. This will make you feel fuller in small meals only.
  3. Have frequent but small meals: Take small meals after every hour. This will make you less hungry at the time of your major meals. Eat fruits, dry fruits, or healthy snacks. Avoid eating unhealthy wafers and candies.
  4. Have a sumptuous breakfast: To ignite the metabolism, take heavy and nutritious breakfast. You can include fruits, beans, and healthy veggies. Avoid pastas and breads for the first meal.
  5. Hydration is the key: Keep a bottle next to you. Take a sip or two frequently. This will keep you fuller. Consuming water helps in detoxification and aids in better functioning of the organs. You can take buttermilk and healthy veggie soups.


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