Sonu Sood airlifts 55 Uttarakhand people from Mumbai to UK. Being lauded by one and all.

Bollywood actor who’s too popular these days in the print and electronic media being tremendously lauded for his outstanding and invaluable contribution in ferrying the troubled jobless n homeless migrants from Mumbai, Maharashtra to various states of the country including arranging for their meals n other expenses, has today done yet an other appreciative work by airlifting 55 persons originally belonging to Uttarakhand from Mumbai to different destinations of this himalayan state. Due to the prevailing pandemic and subsequent lockdown hundreds of thousands of migrant labourers or those in petty private jobs in Mumbai, Maharashtra have become homeless n jobless during the last 70 days. While hundreds of thousands of these suffering persons, young n old n women with children walked hundreds of kilometres on foot, by rickshaw, in trucks or by other means under scorching heat, starving n thirsty lakhs used trains n other mode of transport to reach their native place under extreme challenging situations. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood who took the plights of these poor persons to his heart finally came to their rescue and started ferrying hundreds of them to Karnataka, Bihar, UP n other parts of the country by arranging buses and their meals during their transportation. People from different parts of the country including Bollywood stars like Ajay Devgan and other stars n eminent political personalities including the Maharshtra governor personally lauded his genuine efforts to help the poor n the needy n also tweeted congratulating him to the hilt. Sonu met the Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and accquainted him about his contribution in the service of the poor n hapless, highly appreciated and lauded by Bhagat Singh Koshiyariji.

From the facebook post of sports journo Rajendra Sajwan

By airlifting 55 Uttarakhandies from Mumbai to Uttarakhand Sonu Sood set an outstanding example of his open heartedness to help the jobless n homeless Uttarakhandies due to pandemic Covid 19 and the subsequent 70 days of lockdown. The entire Uttarakhand and those living in Mumbai including Kauthig Foundation has highly appreciated the laudable contribution of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and extended their gratitude for his invaluable help n support at the time of crisis. It may be recalled that Sonu Sood himself belonged to a middle class and was a regular traveller in Mumbai trains n buses while he was a struggler using the monthly train and bus passes as a commoner. He struggled hard and carved a niche for himself by the dint of his hard work, dedication, commitment and brilliance in acting and gaining recognition in Bollywood.


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  1. Sonu Sood has done an imaginabe job of helping the poor migrants to return to their hometown spending heafty amounts of money and expecting nothing in return. Such a noble person is hard to find. May God shower him with all the good blessings. He had earned the earnest blessings from all those poor people which will acknowledged by Almighty some day. People of Uttarakhand must be very happy and grateful to him !
    Infact i have seen pictures of migrant workers worshipping his ( Donu Soods ) photo along with other Gods and Godesses , thus making him feel embarrased & he asked them not to do so

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