There have been not a single death from July onwards of patients in home isolation: Kejrival

The Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival said that there have been surge in Covid 19 cases in the capital during the last few days with today’s infections also worrisome crossing sixteen thousand numbers ( 1693) but he assured that there is nothing to worry as the government is fully equipped to counter this deadly disease. The Delhi government will supply Oximeters n if necessary Oxi concentrators in the patient’s house free of cost as n when required.

Praising the efforts of Delhi government he said that its home isolation programme is quite successful as since July till date there has not been a single death of Covid 19 patients n the mortalities today are very less numbering below ten as compared to large numbers earlier even to hundred every day. In the month of August the death rate was lowest in the country having come down to 1.4% with less than twenty fatalities on daily basis.

He assured the Delhites that the AAP government is likely to enhance its testing from twenty thousand to forty thousand especially in view of the surge being witnessed these days though not so much.

He requested one and all that whoever feels that he or she is suffering from the Covid 19 symptoms they should not hesitate or fear to get themselves tested in any nearby dispensary or hospital where Covid 19 test is free of cost.

Delhi CM was today addressing his virtual press conference. He added that there are symptoms of the cured Covid 19 patients being re contracting the Virus.

Such patients should be very careful n not hesitate to get themselves re tested in the nearby dispensaries n hospitals n in case tested positive should isolate themselves in their own house thus saving others from being infected.

He added that even the Delhi health minister had to take rest for several more days after being back from hospital n recovering as precaution is very necessary in Covid 19.

He said that the government will aggressively identify the Covid 19 patients n get them isolated n treated as no complacense would be allowed to take place. in countering this deadly pandemic.

Assuring Delhites not to worry or be panicked about the recent surge in cases Arvind Kejrival said that there are about nine thousand beds lying vacant in Delhi hospitals for Covid 19 patients with only thirty eight hundred beds occupied. Giving details of the total occupied beds he said while there are twenty nine hundred patients of Delhi admitted in Delhi hospitals eight hundred are from other parts of the country.

It is good that the people of Delhi have become confident, but it shouldn’t lead to complacency. People should always wear masks,” he added. Kejriwal further said that the government will provide pulse oxyi metre and oxygen concentrators to households.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival politely warned Delhites to exercise maximum relaxation, wear masks n maintain social distancing to get rid of this pandemic failing which the police will Challan them for which they should not mind as it is for their good n well being.

He however appreciated that there have been 90 percent recovery rate in Delhi with more than 1.45 lakh Covid nineteen patients recovered out of 1.6 lakh patients .

It may be recalled that there had been about 4400 Covid 19 mortalities in Delhi so far since the month of March with over 1.6 lakh cases, out of which 1.5 lakh patients have been recovered.


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