Today’s meeting with farmers representatives remains inconclusive

Amid demonstrations n detention of hundreds of Youth Congress n NSUI workers n leaders in Chandigarh and the continuing dharna of thousands of farmers opposing the three farm laws n swelling of crowds at various entry points at the borders of Punjab, Haryana n Uttar Pradesh at Delhi entry points, the meeting convened by the union ministers Amit Shah, Piyush Goyal, Narender Tomar n Som Prakash with the representatives of 32 organisations of farmers was called off, after remaining inconclusive, with the farmer representatives not ready to relent demanding revocation of the three farm laws and enactment of law on MSP with the government too, adamant, terming the farm laws as highly beneficial to the farmers of the country, doubling their incomes etc.

However, the farmers representatives have been called on December 3rd again to break the present impasse. The government has also put forward a proposal to form a sub committee of the Farmers’ representatives to discuss all issues n resolve the present impasse to fix the MSP etc but the negotiating farmers’ representatives didn’t, agreed to the government proposal says the sources.

Meanwhile, the crowds of farmers at various Delhi entry points is swelling with more and more farmers joining in, in order to pressurise the government agree to their proposals.

Meanwhile the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival has today expressed his annoyance towards the Punjab chief minister Captain Amrinder Singh saying that Punjab CM has made allegations against me that I have passed black laws in Delhi.

He asked : How can he do such low level politics in this fragile situation ? Is it not up to the state government to implement it ? Had it been so why would farmers of the country hold talks with the centre he asked ?

Referring to the year 2019, Kejrival said around 1.5 years ago, the union government had formed a committee to frame these black laws but Captain Sahab never opposed despite his being in the said committee to make these laws. He added that now the people of Punjab are asking him as to why he did not stopped the government then ?

One of the farmers’ leader n president of a unit of Bhartiya Kisan unit Bhog Singh Verma while terming this meeting as a government’s manipulative attempt to derail the movement said that the farmers have rejected the govt’s proposal to form a five member committee but has been rejected out rightly because it is nothing but an attempt to be fool farmers.

The president of the All India Kisan Federation Prem Singh Bhangu while rejecting the central’s adamant attitude said that the meeting was nothing but to impress upon us that the three new farm bills are for the good of farmers nothing else.

We will not relent other than standing firmly by our demand to scrap the 3 farm bills n enact a new law on MSP.

According to Bhog Singh of BKU all the three farm laws have been forcefully imposed on us against our desire n wishes. We are demanding to revoke these bills outrightly.

The meeting with the representatives of farmers under the banner of All India Kisan Federation comprising of 32 to 35 organisations was held at Vigyan Bhawan in Wednesday convened by union home minister Amit Shah in the presence of union agriculture minister Narendra Tomar, Railway minister Piyush Goyal, state agriculture minister Som Prakash.

pics ANI n social media


Sunil Negi

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