Uttarakhand has a recovery rate of 62% with merely 920 active cases

With fresh arrival of 103 cases of Covid 19 till afternoon today in Uttarakhand, the total tally of the Corona virus cases has reached to 2505 cases with active cases in the himalayan state being merely 920 thus exhibiting about 62 % recovery rate with 1541 patients cured.

This is a good sign in term of recoveries though about 100 cases are detected everyday. According to the latest bulletin of 2.00 PM till date, 29 patients of Covid 19 have succumbed to this dreaded disease while 1626 tested samples were found negative and 3883 results of the tests are awaited.

Till date 49478 people have tested negative out of total tests to detect the contagion.

During the last week the doubling rate has been found to be of 22.31 days which seems to be widening day by day. Compared to other states Uttarakhand is far behind in contracting Covid 19 cases if compared to other states but the testing as compared to other states seems to be quite low and the delay in test reports too is a worrisome reason n factor which takes time to detect the cases in stipulated time frame.

However in today’s health bulletin there is no mention of the quarantined figure of outsiders who are entering the state from other states, towns, cities n metropolises like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta n South if any etc.

If we look at the districts of Uttarakhand extracting maximum cases – Dehradun is on the first pedastral with 622 cases followed by 389 cases in Tehri and 374 cases in Nainital . However, we have stapled the detailed list here for your kind information :


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