Uttarakhand’s Covid 19 cases cross 7 thousand numbers. Recovery rate reduces to 56%

Uttarakhand is winessing a daily surge in Covid 19 cases enhancing its tally to more than seven thousand numbers and what’s most worrisome is that its recovery percentage has come down from 63 % to 56% which unambiguously reflects he fact that something is definitely wrong somewhere to counter this pandemic effectively n with tremendous seriousness, which seems to be lacking.

The Uttarakhand government has claimed that tentatively about 2.5 lakh or more people have entered the hilly state during the last two months who are being not only quarantined but also stringently instructed to follow the guidelines to avoud the contractions of Covid 19. But the number is still surging ahead.

If we peep into the latest eight PM health bulletin of Uttarakhand government the state has detected 199 Covid 19 patients today though it’s satisfying that the numbers are quite less as compared to yesterday’s Corona virus infections of 259 people.

This takes the total tally of Covid 19 cases to 7065 with total recovery of 3995 pateints. Currently there are 2955 cases of Covid 19 in Uttarakhand with 76 fatalities. While the state has witnessed 199 cases during the day , the recoveries during the last twenty four hours have been of 185 Covid 19 patients.

Out of the total tests till today about 1.5 lakh people have been found negative while total number of samples still awaited are 7018. The daily enhancing numbers of Covid 19 cases in Uttarakhand is definitely a worrisome trend n the government of the day should not only enhance the testings but the detection, tracing n adequate treatment formula should also be adopted on a war footing.

The doubling rate of Covid 19 cases in Uttarakhand has been of 24.64 days reveals the health departments bulletin released at 8 PM today.


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