Walnut farming in Uttarakhand will double farmers income says KC Pandey

The Walnut and other Nut Fruits Association of India from Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh involved in growing Walnuts n other Nut Fruits in their respective states are meeting the union secretary of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare on 4th of September via vedio conferencing in view of the ongoing pandemic, to discuss, significant demands of the growers through NHB.

According to the president of WANGAI, K. C Pandey who’ve been the real force of inspiration and potential energy behind this entire excercise and move said that despite Walnut farming and production having tremendous scope and potential in Uttarakhand and other Himalayan states of the country providing substantial revenue and employment, there is no “Centre of Excellence” ( COE) on Walnut in the country.

Stressing the dire need for establishment of the first “Centre of Excellence” on Walnut in the country, KC Pandey catagorically said that while the other horticulture Crop has more than one Centre of Excellence, Walnut has none in the country even after seventy three years of India’s independence.

TERMING WALNUT farming as the best potential option for increasing the livelihood of the farmers of the Himalayan state manifold, WANGAI PRESIDENT Pandey stressed the need to promote Walnut farming in the Himalayan states on a massive scale as according to him, this will also contribute in discouraging migration on a massive scale, guaranteeing reverse migration as well.

Not only this but will also double the farmers income added Pandey .

Highly intrumental in encouraging n enthusing Walnut farming at the pan India level, especially in Uttarakhand n the Himalayan states of the country, KC Pandey said that in his capacity of the WANGAI president he had also met the former Chief of the Army staff n current CDS Vipin Rawat to pursue Walnut farming and production at vast levels apprising him of advantages of Walnut farming in Uttarakhand n other Himalayan states of the country.

He added that even the the then DG of India Coast Guard had come forward to promote Walnut farming in his own village in Uttarakhand. It’s indeed an extremely encouraging trend which will inspire others too to follow suit in Walnut farming in Uttarakhand

It may be recalled that Mr. K C Pandey has been taking due interest in Walnut farming in Uttarakhand n other Himalayan states of the country on a massive scale and is also pursuing it at various higher governmental levels.

Pandey said that their organisation WANGAI has several eminent scientists in their panel and could accompany expertise and values in case the government acedes to their long pending request to form a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE of Walnuts enabling massive increase in productivity of Walnuts in the country.

Meanwhile, entrepreneur n renowned social activist T. S. Bhandari while lauding the efforts of WANGAI president K. C. Pandey in promoting Walnut production in Uttarakhand n other Himalayan states said that farming of Walnut in Uttarakhand is a novel idea as the climate n soil nature of this Himalayan state is highly conducive for the growth of Walnut not only generating substantial revenue but will also open employment opportunities for the youths n women.

Ajay Singh Bisht , theatre activist sees in the formation of the first Walnut Centre of Excellence in the country, a golden opportunity to the farmers n youths of Uttarakhand to associate themselves with WALNUT farming n production and shape their future n career as enterprising farmers of Walnuts’ thus deriving financial profits in the future, as well.


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  1. Center of excellence for walnut –
    An excellent idea but this will bring result on ground only if the center with UKD govt on board works proactively with the selected or adopted villages in bringing about the change because there is lack of initiation on the part of villagers on account of non implementation of checkbandy, wild animals menace, very few people left in villages due to migration, lack of irrigation etc

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