Whatsapp has now made provisions for video chatting with more than 4 people!

Whatsapp was said to have been working on increasing the number of participants in a group video call. It was stated in the reports that the company has already made provisions for video calls with 8 people at the same time. Also, Whatsapp has started to release this new feature for both Android and iOS beta users.

According to a report by WABetainfo, provisions for using this feature has been made available by Whatsapp for people using the latest beta versions of the app. This goes for both Android and iOS. To get this latest feature, a user will have to install the iOSbeta update from Testflight in the case of iOS users and 2.20.133 beta from Google Play for Android users. Those who fail to do so will not be able to use this feature. 

This latest up-gradation comes as an attempt by the company to take over all other existing platforms that are used for video conferencing.

Ever since the lockdown has started, there has been a rise in the usage of such platforms for connecting with people all over the world. And amidst this surge, initially, Zoom emerged as the ideal platform for video conferencing.

But with new revelations about its faulty privacy policies, people are refraining from using it and looking for safer alternatives. 

With the rising demand, this will be the right time for Whatsapp to extend its existing limit and thereby promote itself as a potential alternative.

This will enable professionals to conduct meetings over the app if they have 8 or fewer participants in a team. 

The process to initiate such a video chat is quite simple. You just have to click on the call icon to initiate the call. If there are 4 or fewer members in the group then Whatsapp will automatically connect the call. However, in the case of more members, you will be provided with the option to choose the members you want to add in the video call. You will not be able to add any unsaved contacts on the call. 

Another alternative, in the absence of any group, is to open the Calls tab and select a new group to make the call. Just select the contacts you need to add and start the call right away.

However, many users who have the latest versions of the app still haven’t received any updates.

The reason behind this may be that Whatsapp is slowly rolling out the latest feature and it would be made available to all the users eventually. 


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