When a young reporter interviewed Kaka at 2.00 AM at his Vasant Kunj flat in early nineties

Passion is something which is incontestable or which can not be stopped.

Today, I am again feeling like writing on Kakaji, Rajesh Khanna the first n original super star of millenium who created a unique frenzy in his billions of fans.

An actor par excellence, unparalleled, real first super star with outstandingly mesmerising personality, a unique and stylish legend of Bollywood who carried behind him an era, ofstill fresh in everybody’s mind blossoming like a fresh rose never ever to be erased from the minds and hearts of his billions of Indian fans globally.

Kaka was Kaka, a true phenomena of Bollywood, a legend forever. I was lucky enough to have been in close proximity with him for at least a decade and thereafter as well, till he left for his eternal home. I always utter these words to remind you as to how precious gem was Kaka in true sense despite various pros n cons, plus n minusses of his.

Kaka was kind, warm hearted, humane, generous, as fragile emotionally as a child and as strong as a determined soldier ready to confront n fight any challenging n odd situations come what may. He had afterall seen the most glorious period of his superstardom days to the worst period of his downfall like falling from the MOUNT EVEREST. But he never became demoralised or disheartened n continue to bat incessantly against all odds.

Kaka did more then 190 films and gave several super duper hits, silver, golden and diamond jubiliees.

A heart throb of millions KAKA never die. He is always immortal. I have had several ocassions to dine and drink with him, to share his Dunhill cigarettes’ and accompany him in hundreds of events and meetings.

It was quite obvious being his media advisor while he was the Congress party’s contestent and thereafter while he was an elected MP.

He had tremendous love
and respect for those whom he loved from the core of his heart and I feel myself to be one of the luckiest.

There are number of personel experiences I had, while being in his close company.

Though he was the first superstar till the end n is still now as well, with his priorities and protocol fixed but would often compromise his flamboyance n personal protocols for friends like me.

Kakaji considered me as his brother than anything else and he would often give the proof of this relationship while introducing me to his colleagues say: ye mere chote bhai ki tarah hai. Jitna Negi ne mere liye kiya main kabhi nahi bhool sakta. WOW. There can’t be a biggest compliment than this from a legendary personality like Kaka. My closest friend is witness to this fact like many other.

I vividly remember, in early nineties when Kaka filed the nomination papers from New Delhi he came back tired to his Vasant Kunj residence after the day long hectic engagements and was closeted with his family Dimple, Twinkle and Rinki who had arrived the very evening from Mumbai.

It was the midnight time. The leaders and supporters of Congress party who followed him till Vasant Kunj were slowly leaving the place and by then it was 1.00 am or even more.

I came down his house after bidding good night to Kakaji being so late. Meanwhile, a young handsome enthusiastic reporter of Statesman who had been trailing Kaka all along namely Sanjay Kaw, now the bureau chief of The Asian Age met me who was desperate enough to interview Kaka. Amidst the Kaka’s Delhi police security n hectic presence of his followers n few friends likely to leave Sanjay Kaw would not relent n desperately wanted to interview Kaka at 1.30 AM perhaps Kaka’s first exclusive one to one interview to be published the same day on the front page of the STATESMAN.

He repeatedly requested me to arrange an interview.

I was finding his persuasion very difficult to fulfill, especially keeping in view Kaka with his family upstairs n an odd time . It was 2. 00 AM by that time and Kaka was all tired having booze and involved with his family upstairs.

Kaka’s security would not allow anyone to go upstairs and meet him as he had already asked not to allow anyone in.

I was in tizzy, what to do and what not ? Being his media advisor, I do not want to annoy the reporter friend as well. It’s against my nature as well. After all my job was to get maximum coverage for Kaka, New Delhi being such a tough fight between Congress n BJP that time.

I said wait. I’ll try, thinking it’s neigh to impossible. I anyhow managed to talk to Kakaji who arrogantly sad Negi what r u talking? It’s 2 am now. I insisted and said that it will appear in the front page of statesman and would be useful from the publicity angle. Kaka asked : How is it possible? It’s already likely to be 2.00 AM.

I said the newspaper’s first page has been stopped for print only for your interview. Kaka though angry and not in a mood to face press, could’nt annoy me and gave a green signal.

Author with Kaka

I jubilantly informed Sanjay Kaw. Happily and thrilled Sanjay went upstairs and interviwed Kaka in the mid of the night in the presence of Dimple Khanna and also introduced him to his star wife and children Twinkle n Rinki. It was rather a stand up interview of Kaka with a young journalist.

Sanjay Kaw was really a high spirited journalist who never lost hope and was credited to be the first young journalist to interview him after filing of the nomination papers at 2.00 AM and got it published on the front page of statesman to the utter surprise of KAKA, when I brought Statesman to him. After this grand interview lots of journalists followed him for the same with Kaka finding it difficult to oblige everyone.

Sanjay had especially requested his editor to keep the print of the first page delayed. He went to his Statesman office from Vassant Junk hurtiedly, filed the interview and the story and surprised everyone.

I appreciate KAKA’s kind gesture and generosity to acede to my request and give the interview at 2.00 AM despite his being extremely tired and being busy with his family too who’d come from Mumbai the very day badly tired as well.

So generous and affectionate was KAKA for his friends or media who could spare time for an interview at the mid of the night despite his being badly tired. THIS way I was happy as I was able to oblige Sanjay Kaw who was highly desperate to interview Kaka, not an easy task then.
Kaka was a very good human being despite his towering personality.

Once I was with Kaka all alone in his Vasany Kunj Druplex flat. Again a midnight. We enjoyed drinks, Kaka served me food. We sat together on the carpetted floor. Kaka served the food with his own hands. Compelled me to eat enough and would not let me do anything. That night I slept in his flat being too late.

He was truly a generous and a man with hospitability. Can you imagine Kaka taking out non veg dish and other stuff from he fridge. Heating them in the oven. Then immaculately bringing them on tray and serving me most affectionately. Amazing moments indeed.

I’ll be sharing with you many more personal experiences with him in the future.

Sanjay Kaw interviewing Kaka at his Vasant Kunj house in early nineties ( Picture above)


Sunil Negi

Sunil Negi is a senior journalist and president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum ( Regd). He usually writes on socio political subjects and have been contributing articles in print media for the last several years. Mr. Sunil Negi had been felicitated by All India Achievers conference's Pride of India and excellence awards apart from several other recognitions. He has translated a book on ecological disaster of Uttarakhand of June 2013 and edited and published two editions of Uttaranchal's Who's Who.

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