Diet choices:Plant or Non-Plant Diets

Are you a vegetarian ? Vegan? Non-Vegetarian? Eggetarian?and endless such terms for the food patterns we consume are seen whenever we share our eating spaces especially with new people. With people turning Fitness and Health into priorities, what type of food do they consume surely is a great lead in demand when it comes to the Nutrition and Fitness Industry. There has always been constant battle especially from the animal rights volunteers against the Non-Vegetarians for opting out to prevent the commercialized breeding and slaughtering of animals for the Food Industry.
Well, 1st October is for all those who’re in the squad of Plant Diets, World Vegetarian Day celebrated Internationally to sprout out awareness about the vegetarian lifestyle and helping people to make a switch into it. It was founded by  in the year 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) and was endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978.

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There are pros and cons both tied in a string when it comes to making a shift to the Vegetarian diet which may have a subjective approach by people. Better heart health – It is said, and also proven by many studies that consumption of meat, especially red meat, can have an adverse impact on heart health. On the contrary, consumption of fruits and vegetables is known to reduce the risk of heart attacks, and strokes, two of the leading causes of death among heart patients. However, there is no specific evidence that proves that a vegetarian diet is better than a non-vegetarian diet to keep the heart healthy. Better Immunity with natural supplements instilled into the fruits and veggies. Better management of Type 2 Diabetes with high amount of fibre in the plant-diet foods. Making up for the Deficiencies in the body naturally without any alter effects with organic touch. Also,such a diet is sustainable on environmental grounds and helps preserve the nature’s balance.
However when it comes to constraints to such diet, surely the level of requirements for nutrients vary from body to body and nutrient levels may not be as high as in case of animal-based diets. Such a trade off is very hard to take for a person already dependent on animal-based diets but at the end what matters the most is taking a balanced diet rich in all kinds of nutrient bars.

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