Yet another maneater attack on a woman in Salt, Uttarakhand

Yet again an attack on a brave woman in Uttarakhand who was lucky enough to free herself from the deadly clutches of a maneater leopard , “Guldaar ” as we call in Uttarkhand by resisting bravely being injured gravely, just two days after a man was attacked after a kill of a priest in Manyarsiun patti n Kanskhet of Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

How ferociously n desperately are the dreaded carnivores on prowl for human flesh in broad day light in Uttarakhand can be gauged from the fact that while the maneater has brutally killed a cow, hanging it on a tree probably taking the cow’s body there to eat conveniently in Maanila, Kumaon Uttarakhand in another incident, at Salt block in villaga Talla Biralgaon, it literally pounced upon a woman injuring her gravely, thanks to her luck n brave fight with it that she could be saved with her blood oozing wounds on her face, arms and legs. Had the victim not resisted the maneater bravely, she would have died for sure.

The forest n wild life department allegedly seem to be ineffective in Uttarakhand as incidents of daily atacks n subsequent lynching of humans are being witnessed in Garhwal n Kumon regions with Pauri Garhwal, Pithoragarh, Bageshwar, Nainital districts etc becoming maneaters prone who are on prowl for human flesh everynow n then posing direct threat to human lives, compelled to go indoors most of the time.

Can’t it be possible for the forest department officials to identify hot spots of maneaters roaming freely n tranquilize n cage them at the earliest instead of waiting for their human kills. It is high time that they should adequately arm them with tranquilizers, cages n other strategies to rid maneaters killing humans one after another. While protecting these endangered animals is necessary but not at cost of losing human lives.

The government should also formulate a concrete policy to adequately compensate the vicims’ family financially n a govt job to the next of the kin. Afterall, it’s there constitutional responsibilty to protect them from these predators.

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